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Patient – forward

With our integrated patient app, ePHIworX puts your medical records, prescriptions, and appointments in an eWallet.

Every patient has access to their own medical records, which takes stress off of medical staff to obtain records from multiple practices. Patients can also schedule appointments themselves and receive testing results automatically. The app also sends reminders when vaccines and yearly exams are coming up.

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Provider – forward

ePHIworX seamless integrated system takes the redundancies out of healthcare operations.

Lab work, exams, photos, and patient demographics are pulled into the system at the point of care or beforehand with the app. No more redundant paperwork. Clean process from start to finish leads to clean billable events for faster turn-around times with insurance companies or individual payers. For practices wanting to update their system, we even offer to digitize your current records or EMR data transfers.

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Payer – forward

Since all patient information is integrated for billable events, insurance payers receive forms and claims immediately, guaranteeing a faster turn-around time for payments.

Secure digital mail room ensures forms are securely sent, and payments funnel into a digital lockbox. No more customer service phone calls, emails, and faxes – just clean billable events which ensures faster payments and trackable funding.

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Forward – thinking.
ePHIworX is a powerful integration tool.

and Clearing House
and EMR
and Patient Facing App
and CMR

and the most secure way your doctor, your pharmacist, your lab, and yourself have your medical information available at all times

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PeriCon ConneX

PeriCon ConneX is a fully integrated Healthcare communication, product, and data delivery organization that connects all stakeholders within the healthcare continuum.

Our experienced team has over 60+ years combined experience helps our customers with business process improvement, product and service design, market entry identification and deployment.

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